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Sewer Line Services

A broken or damaged sewer could mean having to shut down your business for a few days, costing you precious time and money. The good news is Roto-Rooter offers high-quality sewer line services that can protect your business from such a frustrating emergency.

Our team of licensed plumbing experts use a cutting-edge video camera to quickly and accurately determine the root cause of the problem and get your sewer line back to working order in no time.

Signs Your Business Has a Sewer Line Issue

Regardless of whether you’re a restaurant, law firm, or bank, you may experience sewer line problems at one point or another. If you notice any of the following signs, you are likely in need of sewer line services from Roto-Rooter:

  • Strong sewer-like odors around your business
  • Slow drains
  • Regular backups in toilets and/or sinks
  • Mold growth on walls or ceilings
  • Rodents in or around your business
  • Landscaping with unnaturally green patches

Sewer Line Services We Provide

We know a leaking or broken sewer line can lead to expensive property damage and could even pose a health hazard if left untreated. That’s why our plumbing experts are able to provide a range of sewer line services, including:

  • Cracked, collapsed, or punctured pipes
  • Sewer blockages
  • Corroded pipes that restrict water flow
  • Bellied pipes caused by shifts in the ground or soil
  • Tree root clogs preventing proper sewer line cleaning
  • Leaks in the seals between pipes that are causing water to escape into the ground

Sewer Line Repair vs. Sewer Line Replacement

Once our team inspects your sewer line and pinpoints the problem, we may recommend a sewer line repair or sewer line replacement. The age of your pipes, the pipe material, the potential for future repairs, the extent of damage to your pipes, and long-term cost effectiveness will all play a role in whether your business sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced.

In the event your sewer line is comprised of older materials, damaged beyond repair, features fragile pipes, or is susceptible to future damage, a replacement will likely be your best option.

Be Proactive with Sewer Line Cleaning from Roto-Rooter

You don’t have to wait until a sewer line emergency strikes. Instead, get ahead of the problem by scheduling regular, 18-22 month sewer line cleaning appointments with our team at Roto-Rooter. If emergency services are needed, we’re available 24/7 to help you fix the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today!