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Sump Pump Services

Your best defense against groundwater flooding is a sump pump. If you have a basement or crawl space in your restaurant or office building, the protection of a sump pump is essential. Without a properly working sump pump, your business may be at risk for water damage that can lead to expensive repairs and frustrated employees and customers.

Fortunately, Roto-Rooter provides sump pump services to all types of businesses and can ensure that your sump pump delivers reliable water removal to protect your space.

How a Sump Pump Works

When there is water around the foundation of your commercial building, it may eventually find its way into the sump pit through drains or gravity. A sump pump can pump the water away from your building. Once the water is pumped outside of your building, it will drain away from the foundation and ensure your basement or crawl space is dry despite how much rain or snow has occurred.

Sump Pump Repair vs. Sump Pump Replacement

There are a number of signs that may indicate your business is in need of a sump pump repair or sump pump replacement. These signs include:

  • Loud Noises: While it’s normal for your sump pump to make some noise, grinding, rattles, or other loud and strange noises may signify there is something wrong with the motor. A faulty motor may require a sump pump repair or replacement.
  • Old Age: The average lifespan of a sump pump is 10 years. If your sump pump is 11 years or older, it may be due for a replacement.
  • Constant Running: If your sump pump constantly runs for no reason, it may not be able to handle water like it’s intended to and will need to be replaced.

Our plumbing experts can visit your business and help you determine whether your sump pump needs to be repaired or replaced. One of these services may be just what you need to keep your building safe and dry.

Sump Pump Installation, Repairs, and Replacement with Roto-Rooter

Installing a quality sump pump system in your business is the fastest and most dependable way to prevent flooding and keep your business dry at all times. We guarantee a fast and professional installation that is designed to keep your business free from water and moisture damage. Schedule an appointment with us today.