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Water Leak Services

Your company’s building is arguably your largest business asset. If it contains leaky fixtures or pipes, its value can be significantly depreciated, and your business may face a great deal of costs, headaches, and lost productivity.

Roto-Rooter understands just how much a water leak can damage a business, which is why we take great pride in providing high-quality water leak services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. You can depend on licensed plumbing experts for fast and efficient water leak repairs.

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Whether your commercial building has been around for decades or was recently built, it is prone to plumbing leaks. Left untreated, leaks can cause floor problems, wall damage, wasted water, and a number of other costly issues. The most common causes of water leaks include:

  • A poorly constructed building
  • Ground movement
  • Soil chemicals that can corrode pipes
  • Severe climates
  • Worn down pipes

Major Signs of Water Leaks

It’s not always obvious when a commercial building has a leak. Here are some signs that may indicate your business has a leak that needs to be located by a water detector and resolved by our team of experts:

  • Discoloration: If you notice brown or red marks on the drywall throughout your building, water may be seeping out behind it from a pipe. These marks may also appear on your ceiling.
  • Increasing water bills: Take a look at your water bill history. If your water bills have increased recently and you don’t know why, your business may be facing a leak.
  • Running water sounds: If you hear sounds of running water but no appliances are turned on, a leak may be present.
  • Warped floors: Warping and bumps in your flooring may mean that a leak occurred under it.

Leave Leak Detection and Repairs to Roto-Rooter

As soon as you suspect a leak, contact Roto-Rooter right away. Our team uses a cutting-edge water leak detector to identify the exact location of the leak. Since our water detector is both accurate and sensitive, it allows us to get straight to the source of the leak and complete water leak repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If emergencies services are needed, our team is available 24/7 to diagnosis the problem and fix the leak as quickly as possible.

Let Roto-Rooter Handle Your Leak Detection, Repair, and Replacement Needs

Don’t put your company’s property and operations at risk because of a leak. If you notice a water leak or just want to keep your building’s maintenance up to date, contact Roto-Rooter today.