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How Often Should I Pump Out My Septic Tank?

Depending on the area, not every home is connected to a municipal sewer line system. That’s where septic tanks come in. Septic tanks collect wastewater and sewage from your home. Septic tanks are usually installed in homes when community sewer lines are not a reliable solution for managing waste. While it’s a convenient option for homeowners, we often get asked the question “how often should I pump out my septic tank?”

Unlike homes connected to sewer lines, septic tanks can only hold a limited amount of waste. This means you’ll need to empty your septic tank on a regular basis. But when do you actually have to do this? Let’s review the best practices for emptying your septic tank.

When to Empty Your Septic Tank

How often you pump out your septic tank varies depending on your household. The most common factor is how often your septic tank gets used. For example, if you’re a single person household, you could go up to 10 years without needing to pump your septic tank. If you’re a four- to five-person household, you’ll need to empty your septic tank every two to three years.

Of course, it’s possible for your septic tank to malfunction and require immediate repair or replacement. If your septic tank isn’t working or is full, it can cause significant damage to your home. The sewage from your septic tank can back up to your house, coming through your drains or even seep into the soil that surrounds the tank, itself. The last thing you want is your septic tank causing damage to your property and forcing you to make expensive repairs. To avoid this issue, you can create a schedule to remind you when to get septic tank pumping services.

How to Empty Your Septic Tank

While there are many plumbing problems that have a DIY solution, we recommend that your septic tank be emptied by a professional. The expert plumbers at Roto-Rooter are trained in waste disposal and can pump out your septic tank right the first time.

If you’re in need of septic tank pumping services or would like a local plumber to inspect your tank, call Roto-Rooter today. We pride ourselves on offering expert service and will even give you an estimate before any work begins. See the difference a licensed Roto-Rooter plumber can make by calling 888-818-8504.