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Backflow Testing and Repair

Backflow is the reverse flow of dirty water contaminated with feces, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizer and other materials through clean water lines. Most commercial properties are required by law to have backflow meters tested and certified every year. Roto-Rooter technicians perform annual backflow testing, repairs, installation and backflow certification of all types of prevention devices. Your technician will handle all necessary paperwork relating to your annual inspection, and we will remind you when your next annual backflow testing is due so your property remains in good standing with the local water authority. A Roto-Rooter backflow expert can also inspect your plumbing system to verify that your property is equipped with the proper backflow device or devices.

For more information on how Roto Rooter can help with backflow testing and repair, call us at 800-438-7686 or contact us online at your convenience.