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BioRooter® Drain Maintainer


Bio-Rooter® is an all-natural product that utilizes non-toxic bacteria to clean your drain, grease trap, holding tank or septic system. Drain maintenance for your home or business can be intimidating, but a single treatment of Bio-Rooter® drain maintainer freshens up your drain. Deodorize your drain system while removing the sources of waste that are causing unpleasant odors.

With one monthly application of Bio-Rooter®, you’ll gain the ability to keep your drains free-flowing in an environmentally friendly way. Ask your Roto-Rooter technician about this effective drain maintenance treatment to keep your drains flowing year-round.

Drain Maintenance and Flow

If your drains still contain unpleasant smells or continue to experience issues after using the Bio-Rooter® drain maintainer, there could be a larger problem at hand. An increase or buildup in debris is likely the culprit – something our Roto-Rooter experts can take care of for you with a quick and convenient service call.

No matter your drain maintenance needs, Roto-Rooter has expert plumbers available 24/7 to perform both routine and emergency drain maintenance treatment for your home or business.

Protect Your Drain with BioRooter®

Ask your Roto-Rooter technician about this effective and easy-to-use product to keep your drains flowing freely. If you’re interested in Bio-Rooter® or need an expert plumber to provide drain cleaning services, call us today at 888-818-8504.