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Leak Detection and Line Locating

Technician looking for leaks

Having trouble finding the source of your water leak? Roto-Rooter’s highly experienced experts will locate it, whether it is in a mainline, an irrigation leak or someplace in-between. We will quickly pinpoint the source using our cutting-edge equipment and technical expertise to deliver leak repair services that are done right the first time.

Fast and Reliable Leak Detection Services

As a home or business owner, you know you need to find a leak quickly. The longer it takes to find the leak, the more damage it can cause. Roto-Rooter can send a leak detection specialist fast to find and repair the leak and stop any damage from progressing.

Take advantage of our fast response time and leak detection services to identify the problem before it gets out of hand. If you discover a leak, contact Roto-Rooter to avoid property damage and expensive water bills.

Leak Repair and Line Locating

Unfortunately, not all leaks are created equal. Some types of homes and businesses can have leaks underground that go unnoticed for long periods of time. Roto-Rooter sends a leak detection specialist who can reliably uncover the issue. Before digging, Roto-Rooter can also help locate telecommunication, natural gas, fiber optics, television and other utility lines to prevent damages or injuries from occurring.

Call Roto-Rooter for Leak Detection Services

If you suspect that your home of business has a leak, the best next step is to call Roto-Rooter. Our professional plumbers can find the leak and recommend a repair plan built around your needs. For more information on how Roto Rooter can help with leak detection and line locating, call us at 888-818-8504 or contact us online at your convenience.