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Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services

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Drains play a major role in your home or business. From kitchen and bathroom sinks and bathtubs to outdoor and roof drains, we heavily rely on drains to work properly day in and day out. But just like any other utility that gets used a lot, issues are bound to arise.

At Roto-Rooter, our drain and sewer experts have over 80 years of experience helping homes and businesses prevent drain and sewer clogs and repair them when they do occur.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drains that get a lot of action day-to-day need high-quality upkeep and maintenance to make sure they continue to run smoothly. At Roto-Rooter, our highly-trained drain cleaning experts are capable of unclogging and cleaning any kitchen, bathroom, floor or outdoor drain you’re having issues with.

Kitchen Drains

With kitchen sinks, you’re washing away grease, soaps and detergent that can build up in the pipes. Our drain experts can help you keep your kitchen drains clear and clean out clogs when they happen.

Bathroom Drains

Soaps, hair and grime can build up in sink, bathtub and shower drains. Our Roto-Rooter drain plumbers can identify and fix difficult clogs you’re unable to clear on your own.

Floor and Outdoor Drains

Floor drains help prevent flooding and damage to your basement, garage and utility room. Outside, sewer pipes and gutters can get clogged with leaves and debris. Our Roto-Rooter experts can help maintain your floor and outdoor drains and clean or repair them when necessary.

Sewer Cleaning Services

The most frequent source of sewer drain blockages is the simple buildup of dirt, debris and mineral deposits. If you are a restaurant worker or employed in a food processing facility, you have seen firsthand how quickly grease and other organic matter can accumulate in pipes and drain lines.

At Roto-Rooter, our drain and sewer experts can help maintain your sewer lines , so costly repairs aren’t needed down the road. If you do encounter sewer blockages, our team can clean out your sewer and repair any damage quickly.

Maintain Your Indoor and Outdoor Drains with Roto-Rooter

When your next drain clog happens, Roto-Rooter is here to help. We offer 24/7 emergency services, which means you can call us day or night for drain and sewer cleaning. We also provide regular maintenance services to help keep your drains in tip-top shape to avoid major blockages and repairs. Call us at 888-818-8504  or contact us online at your convenience.